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Hello dear friends!

Topic energy savings in any way I can not "let go". And I continue to search for all known (and still unknown) ways to do this effectively.

Today I want to share with you what she knew and what I want to apply.

Of course, some of these methods are obvious, and many of them have long used, but, nevertheless, I decided all the extracted information to compile and submit a short statement on the careful consumption of electricity.

Method 1: Do we really need so much light?

Omniscient statistics says that the coverage spent 14% of all electricity generated. But do we always wisely and without harm to themselves use an incredible amount of extra energy? How to learn to do it correctly?

With it you can here to help these simple tips:

  • Use electric light as little as possible. No, no, of course I did not call you back to prehistoric times, when people were only the daily life (although it is certainly useful for our health: doctors have proven that active nocturnal and artificial light - a chronic fatigue, depression and exacerbation of chronic diseases)
  • Do not forget that on the level of ambient light influences the extent to which highly polluted lighting. It is clear that the ceiling in the kitchen, which is not washed for several months, is covered with a layer of dust and grease, and transmit light will be very bad (I myself and my wipe chandeliers, ceiling lights and much less frequently than would be necessary). A clean lighting is much better illuminate the room, and, therefore, you can use bulbs of lower power
  • Do not forget to clean the windows. Natural lighting and sunlight not only postponed on time lighting, but will warm up your room during the cold season
  • It can be used in lighting of the room, for example, the combined light: not include all light bulbs in the chandelier at the same time or in combination include: table lamp (lamp) and 1-2 bulbs of the chandelier (I do this often when working at the desk)
  • The energy savings can help modern energy-saving devices: Dimmers (rotary dimmers that smoothly change the level of illumination), motion sensors, impulse relays, digital switches. It works effectively in the entrance of built-in automatic shut-off light
  • We use energy saving light bulbs (compact fluorescent, LED)
  • It's quite simple - turn off the light when leaving the room (in fact, it's probably the most difficult - the house there is a permanent "war" because everybody forgets to turn off the light).

A little bit about the benefits of energy-saving lamps:

  • More efficient power consumption (when compared to incandescent bulbs - energy consume 4-5 times less)
  • Big light output: energy saving lamp power of 12 watts for the light intensity approximately equal to 60W incandescent bulbs
  • It does not emit a large amount of heat energy (this property can be used in small lighting devices), and distributes the light more uniformly and gently (ordinary light is not more than 10% of the energy transforms into light and the rest - in thermal)
  • The service life of energy saving bulbs are usually longer. Although (tested on my own experience) does not always correspond to the manufacturer service life.

However, the latter is sometimes due to the fact that we are not entirely correct use certain types of energy-saving light bulbs. Most often, they burn in the places where they are used briefly and where very often there is a change of regime: "on" - "off".

If you make a gradual replacement of light bulbs, it's best to start with the rooms where the light bulbs work for a long time. In addition, for a period of work is very influenced by frequent power surges, high or, conversely, very low temperature. Please note that some energy-saving lamps (fluorescent) can not be used in devices with adjustable brightness.

Over time, we all have to fully switch to energy saving light bulbs, as in the law on energy efficiency states that incandescent bulbs will be completely withdrawn from circulation and replaced with more fuel-efficient light sources. Therefore, it is better to start to do in advance, because the right to replace all the bulbs rather expensive.

Doubtless the lack of energy-saving light bulbs - still high cost (though now they are much cheaper than, say, 3-4 years ago), is not always of good quality and that, unfortunately, we do not have items for receiving waste lamps ( and such savings is very dangerous for us and ecology).

Well, if we did not get to replace conventional light bulbs for energy-saving, light bulbs use even less power.

Method 2: tariff meters

On this subject, many will not say the information is there in the previous article How multirate counters save the family budget?" .

The use of multi-tariff counters, of course, is not unique. But when you consider that some of the appliances are working around the clock (refrigerator), or almost constantly in "sleep" mode (TV, computers, and others.), In the light of their work at night, maybe it still is beneficial not only for lovers work at night.

In addition, modern, multi-tariff electricity meters allow for a much more precise than induction.

Method 3: Useful savings

First of all, let's think about whether we use the appliances correctly?

I think that the result of these meditations for many of us will be disappointing. It has been proven by experts that are often household appliances consume much more electricity than they need to function properly.

As we have seen, many household appliances (microwave ovens, TVs, power supplies, audio and video equipment, water heaters, computers, air conditioners, and a dozen other appliances) consume electricity not only operational, but also in the "standby" mode or how often we say, in "sleep" mode.

Each of these devices alone consumes so much power. But if we summarize the consumption of all devices that operate in "sleep" mode in our apartments - are obtained not small sum to pay the bills.

For example, while working in the "standby" mode in the middle of the TV - 19 hours for a microwave - 23.8 hours, for a CD player - 23 hours a day.

In the end - it is 5-10% of the total electricity consumption in the apartment. And if these percentages translate into money, then, according to experts, for the year it consumed about 3,000 rubles wasted.

And what's the solution? A very simple way out. Always switch off from the outlet devices that are not used.

Method 4: Miracles of technology

It is clear for everyone: a lot will not save the old refrigerator or TV. Appliances made 15-20 years ago, consume electricity in 2 times more.

Out of this situation: to buy modern energy efficient appliances. How do you know how energy efficient a particular unit?

To do this, you need to carefully examine the label of energy efficiency, which should be on the appliances. She has a letter signs from A (the highest energy efficiency class) to G (lowest).

Modern appliances power consumption even in "standby" mode is much smaller than in the older models. For example, with 19 hours of work in "sleep" mode, energy-efficient TV will consume less electricity per year 1 kWh, and a normal TV - 69 kWh.

As an illustrative example of energy-efficient appliances can lead, for example, "smart" dishwasher or washing machines that automatically dispense detergent, water consumption, choose the desired mode. According to experts, these devices consume 44% less energy and 62% water than older models of the late 90s.

I think, to convince the benefits of modern technology is not necessary. But what if not everyone can afford to replace old appliances with a new (usually expensive)? As in this case possible to reduce electricity costs?

Method 5. Correct use what we have


How to use the refrigerator, probably everyone knows. But, nevertheless, we persist to put it next to the battery, or a stove near the wall on the sunny side.

But it is clear that by heating from heat sources standing close by, refrigerator for efficient operation will consume more electricity.

In addition, it is desirable that in a room where there is a refrigerator, it was not hot (about 18-20 degrees), the refrigerator should be defrosted regularly and free of ice, check the tightness (seal on the refrigerator door), not to close to the wall for better air circulation. A few tips on how to take care of the refrigerator, as it is cleaned and defrosted, as well as how to properly store food in the refrigerator.

Also, do not buy large refrigerator just because it is fashionable or a neighbor standing at the kitchen (in terms of number of members of your family and its needs). The greater the refrigerator - the more energy it consumes.

A vacuum cleaner

For normal operation of the vacuum cleaner with less power consumption must be regularly cleaned of accumulated dust (dirty consumes 15-20% more) and take into account that most of all he uses power when you turn on or off (if the vacuum cleaner small room, try not to disconnect too often) .

Electric stove

Electric stove consumes a lot of electricity. As it is possible to reduce electricity costs in this case:

  • Do not heat the oven in advance, if this is not provided for the recipe for the preparation of meals
  • Use the residual heat of the burners (turning off in 5-10 minutes before the end of cooking dishes)
  • Close the pan with a lid
  • Do not use excessive water when cooking vegetables and eggs
  • Use a good dish with a flat bottom and undeformed size burners
  • Use pressure cookers
  • Use an electric kettle (it consumes less energy than electric), while the purchase kettle sufficient in terms of the whole family, and pour into it as much water use at a time
  • Use a microwave and a toaster, which can be just a couple of minutes to cook at least tasty and crunchy dish than in the oven. But it is much faster, and, consequently, more economical.


Washing machine consumes up to 15% of domestic electricity. Use all the possibilities of economical electricity consumption, which provides instruction to your washing machine:

  • Modes fast and economical washing
  • Full load, without overload (excessive load increases electricity consumption by up to 10%)
  • A lower temperature (not always necessary to wash at a high temperature)
  • Correctly chosen mode of operation of the machine.


  • You can also use the principle of latent heat, that is, to turn off the iron for 5-10 minutes before the end of ironing
  • Do not over-dry laundry: to pet him, will have to spend more time and, consequently, use more electricity
  • Nedosushennoe underwear will also require additional electricity consumption
  • Use irons with automatic shut-off function
  • Correct use modes ironing different types of tissue.


  • Set the correct temperature sufficient to cool the room
  • Before using, make sure that all windows and doors closed
  • When you purchase the air conditioner guided by the room size and the number of people who are in it will be. The device is designed for a large area, will simply "eat" electricity without any benefit
  • Regularly clean the fans and filters.



Computers today are practically at all, and (we have 3) not even one in the family. And, of course, that it significantly increases in electricity costs.

What can we do?

  • Reduce the brightness of the monitor (this affects the energy consumption)
  • Turn off the computer if you are not using it for a long time
  • Including all peripheral devices (scanners, printers, modems) into a power strip and is always off when the device is not working
  • If possible, use the LCD monitors
  • Use most laptop (he "eats" less energy than a desktop computer).


Chill on the street and at home makes us get out pantries heaters. And now ... Autumn is rainy and cold. But the heat in the house is not. What to do? Freeze and hurt reluctance. That has to include the "eaters" of electricity - heaters.

In order to somehow reduce the time of using the heater, it is necessary to insulate everything possible: windows, walls, floors, etc. Of course, plastic windows do a good job with this task. But if the usual windows, try to patch up all the cracks and cracks in window frames. It is through them disappears up to 50% of the heat. The same must be done with the door.

And if the central heating is already on, and you still cold?

The reasons can be many (we will not now elaborate on this). But in some cases it can help a simple flushing of old batteries, replace them or increase their heat by building additional sections.

When repairing we put all the rooms modern radiators in such an amount, in what was considered necessary. And never regretted. When the central heating works well, always warm in the apartment.

Well, heaters, try, if possible, not to use, very much they are "hungry".

Still alternatively an additional heat source may be considered in the flat towel rail, which is connected to the hot water supply.

Interesting about the same

In the search for opportunities to save energy, I came across this very useful, in my opinion, the instrument. It is called "household power meter."

Why is it needed? He will help us to save energy. With this small priborchiki (by the way, it costs about $ 30), you can learn a lot of interesting things on its home appliances and all of the electricity consumption in the home.

For example:

  • How much do you overpay for a computer that does not turn off all day?
  • How much power does your refrigerator and see if it is time to change to the new?
  • How much electricity is consumed when you wash the dishes in the dishwasher, wash laundry, ironed or dry hair?
  • How much energy consumes your TV off?

All these questions and many others will be answered by a power meter, as well as find out how much energy has been spent in vain and what you can really save.

I am currently in the plan have supplied the purchase power meter in the future I want to test the performance of their electrical appliances. I think it really helps to find weak points in electricity consumption, which is especially important in light of the introduction in the near future ocial norms of energy consumption .

And further. It is obvious that saving energy is not so difficult. The main obstacle, perhaps, lies in ourselves. Once we realize that we are not wasting electricity - is beneficial, first of all, for us - we will succeed.

Author: Ryan P. Rivera

Ryan P. Rivera joined OmniPost as VP of Social after spending several years on the brand side at Provide Commerce & FTD companies. Ryan has a strong background in writing and many awards as a lifestyle blogger.

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