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So, the first question is “What is an ICO?” Laura Shin describes this wonderfully in an article that she wrote for Forbes.

“An ICO is what you get if bitcoin and Kickstarter had a baby — a crowdsale of a new crypto asset (with a cryptocurrency like bitcoin being one type of crypto asset) that powers some kind of peer-to-peer blockchain network.”(Laura Shin)


The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies started from usual ICO (initial coin offerings) tokens. Today, they have changed our imagination about the stock market.

Today, everyone brings their own cases and invests in short stock hands as professional brokers and Wall Street ‘veterans’.



Before investing in any of the ICO projects, investors thoroughly examine each asset package that they manage to find about a product. Their examination includes looking at the team involved and ends with the analysis of white paper. An experienced specialist does not leave out any element of the organization’s structure.

The most exciting situation is with the Stratis company token. Its increase in monetization was 5000% in just 9 months.

Will such successes be repeated? Experts argue that such a result was possible only because they were the flagships and innovators - the first to bring the niches of those business models to the mainstream.

So, now let's consider other innovative companies in separate niches of business and the first to move into the Blockchain:


What does the growth of the token depend on? How can we understand which tokens should be invested into, and which should be abandoned?

When analyzing any project, it is very important to calculate all the risks, but it is equally important to see the advantage that innovative products offer. The relevance and possible rewards of such investments are shown in the examples of the projects above.

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies owes everything to the system that makes it all possible — the blockchain. Essentially, this is a highly secure digital ledger that’s decentralized because of the way it records information and transactions (leads, payouts, etc.). Impressive as it is already, the innovators behind blockchain who created BITCOMO are now taking the technology even further to create a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).


BITCOMO is a new, crowdfunded blockchain. It allows for consensual upgrades to its protocols which enables it to govern itself via what the BITCOMO white paper calls a “self-amending” crypto ledger. “It facilitates formal verification, a technique which mathematically proves the correctness of the code governing transactions, leads and any actions from user to advertisers and boosts the security of the most sensitive or financially weighted smart contracts.”

The startup BITCOMO needs funding for new levels of digital advertising on Blockchain. It is raising these funds through an "initial coin offering" crowd sale that will start soon.

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